Cutting board care

cutting board

Cleaning the board

After you’re done using the cutting board, take it to the sink and wash it down with hot soapy water. Dry it immediately and stand it up so that air can circulate on all sides.

Getting rid of odors

Wood surfaces sometimes hang on to odors, especially if you’re chopping something potent like onions or garlic. Using white vinegar to wipe down the cutting board helps to remove strong orders. Once dry, white vinegar has very little scent itself.

Removing stains





It’s common for cutting boards to get little stains here and there. To remove these stains, sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the cutting board, then work it into the surface stains with a lemon or a gentle sponge or wash cloth. Rinse the board and dry it with a towel.  

Note:You can also rub kosher salt into the board with a lemon for both stains and odor.

Well used cutting boards can start to look dull and dried out. Mineral oil can be used to replenish the wood.  Apply a small amount and work it into the wood with a slightly damp rag.